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About us

Vivin is one of Australia's Largest Furniture Importers & Wholesalers operating from a 250,000 sq ft Office & Distribution Centre in Wetherill Park, NSW. We specialize in contemporary furniture which is made in India, China, Vietnam, Malaysia & Indonesia. Vivin is one of the most professionally managed Organizations in the Australasian region, supplying Australia's Major Furniture Retailers and Independents. Our commitment includes continuous efforts by our R&D Department resulting in Exclusive & Elective Ranges of Products.

Innovative product introductions and superior customer service continue to stand as our top priorities, preserving our position at the forefront of the Furniture Industry. Production materials and processes are carefully chosen to ensure a Quality Product which ensures enjoyable usage for many years with written warranties to back up our promise. We are passionate about developing personal relationships with our customers and while we continue to grow, we are determined to do so with loyalty and style. We continually strive to provide the best Wholesale Furniture in Australia & implement changes designed to better serve our customers to the utmost of our ability.

Vivin's success can be attributed to, not only finding the right products for the market, but the commitment to carry adequate stocks of products.